Why You Need to Use a Proxy:

The most common method for hiding an IP address is by using a proxy server. Proxy servers are computers that allow people to make indirect connections to them and then connect to their final destination on the web. For example, a client connects to a proxy server from their broadband connection to download a website file from The proxy server would be the computer and IP address that actually connects to our website, not your broadband connection or IP address.

One downside to proxy servers is that they may alter server response times or connection speeds. Since the files you download and websites you visit are going through a proxy server, speeds will always depend on what kind of connection the proxy server has and not your own computer.

Hide My IP Address:

The quickest and easiest way to hide your IP address is by using a web proxy. Web proxies are websites that act as proxy servers. You visit the website, enter the URL you want to surf, and that's it! Web proxy sites are listed below for you to try out.

Premium Top Listed Proxies are those that have PAID to be listed first. Please use/try those FIRST.

Premium Top Listed Proxies

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http://freeopenproxy.com8501 year
http://unblock.win6931 year
http://ninjaweb.xyz28302 years
http://4everproxy.com27022 years
http://www.dailyproxylist.com34122 years
http://xsproxy.com39453 years

Top 8 Details

CategoriesTop 8 ProxiesRecent 8 Proxies
Glype Proxy (904 proxies)
PHProxy (363 proxies)
CGI Proxy (no proxies)
Zelune Proxy (2 proxies)
Surrogafier Proxy (1 proxy)
Happy Proxy (1 proxy)
ASProxy (1 proxy)
Other Proxies (119 proxies) (592 hits) (511 hits) (508 hits) (508 hits) (507 hits) (501 hits) (500 hits) (498 hits) (2 days ago) (1 week ago) (1 week ago) (1 week ago) (2 weeks ago) (3 weeks ago) (3 weeks ago) (3 weeks ago)

Recent Proxies

http://list.proxieslive.commore info
Other Proxies32 days
http://proxyworld.proxiescheap.commore info
Other Proxies91 week
http://privateproxy.extraproxies.commore info
Other Proxies81 week
http://get-free-proxy.dreamproxies.commore info
Other Proxies171 week
http://proxyserver.cfmore info
Glype Proxy252 weeks
http://proxyserver.gqmore info
Glype Proxy273 weeks
http://proxy.proxieslive.commore info
Other Proxies233 weeks
http://get.proxiescheap.commore info
Other Proxies233 weeks
http://enter.extraproxies.commore info
Other Proxies234 weeks
http://freeproxy.dreamproxies.commore info
Other Proxies241 month
http://ONLY.ADD.FREE.PROXIES.commore info
Glype Proxy431 month
http://proxieslive.commore info
Other Proxies531 month
http://online.proxiescheap.commore info
Other Proxies481 month
http://100.extraproxies.commore info
Other Proxies461 month
http://free-proxy.dreamproxies.commore info
Glype Proxy5081 month
http://phproxy.bbsq.usmore info
PHProxy5071 month
Glype Proxy4981 month
http://getproxy.proxiescheap.commore info
Other Proxies5001 month
http://100-proxy.extraproxies.commore info
Glype Proxy4891 month
http://lists.dreamproxies.commore info
Other Proxies4702 months
http://go.proxiescheap.commore info
Other Proxies4662 months
http://bbsq.usmore info
PHProxy5112 months
http://fireproxy.mlmore info
Glype Proxy5082 months
http://life.extraproxies.commore info
Other Proxies4782 months
http://1.dreamproxies.commore info
Glype Proxy4742 months
http://cheap.proxiescheap.commore info
Other Proxies4682 months
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Other Proxies4642 months
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Glype Proxy4662 months
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Other Proxies4662 months
http://one.extraproxies.commore info
Other Proxies4672 months
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Other Proxies4672 months
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Other Proxies4602 months
http://s6.proxyrio.netmore info
Glype Proxy4683 months
http://list.proxiescheap.commore info
Other Proxies4603 months
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Glype Proxy5013 months
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Other Proxies4663 months
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Glype Proxy4723 months
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Glype Proxy4683 months
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Glype Proxy4693 months
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Glype Proxy4753 months
http://home.proxiescheap.commore info
Other Proxies4623 months
http://s3.proxyrio.netmore info
Glype Proxy4633 months
http://anonymous.extraproxies.commore info
Other Proxies4623 months
http://list.dreamproxies.commore info
Other Proxies4603 months
http://100proxy.memore info
PHProxy4603 months
http://proxyjust.pressmore info
PHProxy4623 months
http://hotwot.gdnmore info
PHProxy4673 months
http://s2.proxyrio.netmore info
Glype Proxy4703 months
http://private.proxiescheap.commore info
Other Proxies4603 months
http://s1.proxyrio.netmore info
Glype Proxy4633 months
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Other Proxies4593 months
http://p10.unblockwebsite.onlinemore info
Glype Proxy4683 months
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Glype Proxy4664 months
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Glype Proxy4714 months